The team of ‘Unpackers and Hangers’ for the Alice Prize have exercised their own judgement in choosing one artwork to be the winner of the Unpackers’ Award.

Congratulations to Faridah Cameron whose acrylic on canvas, “History” 2013, 175 x 175cm will receive recognition as the winner of the Alice Prize Unpackers’ Award 2014.

Since the Unpackers do not always agree with each other, their secret ballot involves having several choices each. Around 10 or 12 artists were nominated, which stimulated interesting discussion and comparison amongst the team when the result was announced. This is an indication of theĀ  standard of artworks exhibited and the broad range of appeal they present to viewers.

An image of Faridah’s work will appear on this page after the opening of the Alice Prize exhibition. Or follow the link below to view an article in the Alice Springs News on-line: