2020 People’s Choice Award

The People’s Choice award is for people who attend the exhibition in person.  Unfortunately, it appears that this will not be possible due to COVID-19 restrictions.  If the restrictions are lifted before the exhibition closes, then we will reinstate the People’s Choice award for 2020.

The Alice Springs Art Foundation felt that it could be unfair to move voting online due to some artists having large Instagram and Facebook followings.  The People’s Choice award also gives the people of Alice Springs an opportunity to have their say about a National Art Award and the Foundation would like to preserve that unique aspect of the award.

In memory of Tammy Kingsley.


Tammy Kingsley

Tammy Kingsley, an American, came to Alice Springs in 1979 and worked energetically for the Alice Springs Art Foundation, keenly promoting the Alice Prize.

In 1980 Tammy, her eldest son, Donald M. Kingsley VI, and his friend were killed in an horrific road accident.

In the year 2000, the Foundation received word of a very generous bequest from an American, George J Scott (Tammy’s father).

The Tammy Kingsley Award honours a woman who was inspirational in the long history of the Alice Prize and honours also our benefactor who has provided the means of reinvigorating the Prize itself.

PREVIOUS WINNERS – Peoples’ Choice

2020 Margaret Ambridge

2018 Colleen Ngwarraye Morton

2016 Peter Mungkuri

2014 Jason Cordero

2012 Janine Mackintosh

2010 Liz Cumming

2004 Louise Feneley