AF 2012 002
Year: 2012

Winner: Yukultji Napangati
Title: Untitled
Medium: acrylic on linen
Judge: Nick Mitzevich

Judges Comment:
2012-judge“The shimmer and optical brilliance of Yukultji Napangati’s painting seduces us – it invites us into country – into a rich, complex and multi dimensional experience. This depth seems an apt metaphor for the intricate richness of her culture. . . “

Nick Mitzevich
Director of the Art Gallery of South Australia



The Pre-selection panel:
Daniel Mudie Cunningham, Senior Curator of Artbank, Artist, Arts Writer, Lecturer
Helen Maxwell, Art Consultant, Curator, Valuer

View the Alice Prize 2012 Room Brochure (pdf 1.4MB)

Highly Commended

Shoufay Derz ‘Depart without return’ 2011 video (Edition of 5)

“This arresting moving image work captures the fragility of life which is both transient and beautiful. The images in the work nurture the viewers’ curiosity through a poignant and innovative performance.” Nick Mitzevich

Nicky Schonkala ‘Interrupted II’ 2012 handwoven textile, 100% wool

“The relationship of pattern and illusion play out in this exquisite and inventive textile. Using a highly developed technical skill, the artist creates a visually seductive work.” Nick Mitzevich

Margaret Loy Pula ‘Anatye (Bush potato)’ 2010 acrylic on linen

“The artist has created a work that resonates as a powerful image of the artist’s story of the bush potato. Using a restricted colour palette, this work captures a seemingly endless sense of depth and scale.” Nick Mitzevich

Shirley Purdie ‘Doomboony (Owl)’ 2012 natural ochre on Jarlaloo wood

“The sculptural form of the owl emerges from within the original Jarlaloo wood which both conceals and reveals the owl. An exciting play of shape and form creates a dynamic and sophisticated sculpture. “ Nick Mitzevich

Tammy Kingsley Memorial People’s Choice Award

The Alice Prize 2012 Unpackers’ Award

Bronek Kozka ‘Train’ 2010 Digital archival print