1996 Janet Lawrence

Year: 1996 Winner: Janet Lawrence Title: Periodical Table Series Driftworks 1994-5 Medium: zinc, aluminium, oil, salt, pigment wax Judge: Edmund Capon

1995 Pamela Lofts

Year: 1995 Winner: Pamela Lofts Title: Landscape (on the Road Again) Medium: charcoal & watercolour on paper Judge: Patricia Sabine

1994 M N Tjapaltjari

Year: 1994 Winner: Mick Namarari Tjapaltjari Title: Untitled Medium: acrylic on canvas Judge: Paula Latos-Valier  

1993 Maria Kozic

Year: 1993 Winner: Maria Kozic Title: White dog – Black Dog Medium: acrylic on canvas Judge: Doug Hall

1992 G R Munduwalawala

Year: 1992 Winner: Ginger Riley Munduwalawala Title: This is my Country – This is my Story Judge: John McPhee

1991 Chris Barry

Year: 1991 Winner: Chris Barry Title: from the series “Tracings: Extended Notes on Being” Medium: photograph/diptych Judge: Jenepher Duncan