1982 Ian L. Stansfield

Year: 1982 Winner: Ian L. Stansfield Title: And as we watched the crucifixion across the river, the birds flew from moon to moon and for the first and last time I knew you were mine Medium: gouache on paper Judge: Raoul Mellish

1981 Anthony Pryor

Year: 1981 Joint Winner – 2 winners awarded Winner: Anthony Pryor Title: Hako No. 1 Medium: huon pine, ebony, brass, granite Judge: Nick Waterlow

1989 Warren Breninger

Year: 1989 Winner: Warren Breninger Title: Without Speaking, Without Listening Medium: mixed media on C-type photographic paper Judge: Vincent Megaw * (*replacing Kenneth Hood, due to pilots’ strike)

1988 Ronnie Tjampitjinpa

Year: 1988 Winner: Ronnie Tjampitjinpa Title: Tingari Story at Nyirrniminya Medium: acrylic on canvas Judges: Betty Churcher, Ron Radford, Mona Byrnes

1987 Silvio Apponyi

Year: 1987 Winner: Silvio Apponyi Title: Wombat (bronze) Medium: bronze Judge: David Dridan

1986 Don Tjungurrayi

Year: 1986 Winner: Don Tjungurrayi Title: Trapdoor Spider Dreaming Medium: acrylic on canvas Judge: Edmund Capon