Sally Mumford – Ankerre Ankerre

Ankerre Ankerre

Sally Mumford

Ankerre Ankerre is the name given to a registered sacred site, commonly known as the Coolibah Swamp. An area of urban bushland on the east side of town, it’s a place of social and cultural significance. Yet, despite this, it has a history of neglect and misuse. It has been heavily grazed, used as a rubbish dump, carved up with the infrastructure of roads, drains, sporting facilities, housing developments and briefly sited a waterslide. Thanks to past efforts of concerned community groups and the continued management by a few passionate land carers, Ankerre Ankerre now has over 100 plant species and all the mature Coolibahs are on the Register of Significant Trees. This artwork is an expression of my love for this place.

Medium: Drawing

H  112cm x W 152cm

Catalogue Number: 41

Price:  4000