Gretel Bull – Timelike Infinity

Timelike Infinity

Gretel Bull

‘Timelike Infinity’ is a ceramic sculpture from the series, ‘It takes longer than you think’, a material investigation into expanded geological and cosmic time frames, and their complex relationship with human temporal experience.

Drawing on Einstein’s special theory of relativity, black holes, meteorites, string theory, and event horizons, ‘It takes longer than you think’ explores these themes through sculpture, photography, video, and sound in an immersive mixed-media project exploring manifestations of time from the personal to the ecological.

Referencing Stephen Hawking’s diagram of space-time, ‘Timelike Infinity’ is an attempt to give form to the formless, a contemplation of the shape time might take if it should surrender itself to form.

Medium: Sculpture

H  65cm x W 40cm    x D 25 cm

Catalogue Number: 09

Price:  1800