Prayer to the iGod

Prayer to the iGod

Jeffrey Hamilton and John Doe

Jeffrey Hamilton:

This work looks at the act of picture-making, analysing my artistic history and re-evaluating my aesthetic by revisiting a work begun in 1992. It contains fragments of artworks and two complete works previously exhibited independently, plus found object, two musical references and a book on male bondage. The large
quartz crystal was a gift from a lover.

The Moody Blues "On a Threshold of a Dream" was a part of my adolescence. I was actually listening to “The Road” from Tom York's side project "Unkle" while making this picture in 2020.

Two quotes contained in the artwork speak to its spirit:

1. Better a bleeding heart than no heart at all

2. Whether you realised it or not, we are all in some form of bondage. What are you tied to? And why?

John Doe:

As a child, John Doe remembers being dissatisfied with materials such as cardboard and sellotape, instead longing for a medium with more permanence. His earliest encounter with the properties of metal involved a batch of lead stolen from his grandad’s shed, which he shaped and smelted with a saucepan and a blowtorch in the garden. From assembling giant spiders out of abandoned car engines, to dismantling broken pianos and reconstructing them into absurd yet functional devices, John is a builder, fabricator and painter with a fascination for how things work. Born in East London, John moved to Sydney as a young adult and honed his skills as a street artist. Interested in the temporality and anonymity of the movement, he developed a distinctive and meticulous style. His character-based work gained notoriety for its playful mockery of the archetypal businessman, modelled on his father. More recently, he has turned his attention back to nostalgic objects, the fusion of found items, and the alchemy of "things''. This is his first foray into the art of lead lighting.

240cm x 110cm  x 84cm

stained glass, welded steel, MDF

Jeffrey Hamilton and John Doe