AF 2010
Year: 2010

Winner: Alison Alder

Title: Carcass

Medium: screen printed gouache on paper/triptych

Judge: Alan Dodge

Judges Comment
“The artist cleverly diagrams Sir Sidney Nolan’s powerful ‘carcass’ paintings providing a strong and simple distillation of form, making each carcass read almost like a ideogram. The decision to make a triptych, the scale and medium all work in favour of a powerful result.” Alan Dodge , Judge

Honourable Mention

Yinarupa Nangala Untitled, 2009 acrylic on linen

“A beautiful accomplished work of high sophistication. Assured touch in paint application and compositional rigour make this a fine work indeed.” Alan Dodge

Tobias Richardson Demountable Churches, 2008 acrylic, enamel and collage on board

“Smart use of colour and textured surface of the back of masonite was the first right decision. The repetition with variations of the same basic form was the second good decision. The alternation of thin, thick and dripped paint provides an interesting visual variation for what becomes a series of symbols.” Alan Dodge

Mary Ross Camus and Adam – The Mutikur Project, 2009 Photograph

“This photograph hits the mark. The use of light, whether by design or chance is cinematically perfect. The contrast in psychological states between the driver and child is poignant and a wonderful tension exists between the drivers concentration and the child’s dreamy look.” Alan Dodge

People’s Choice Award

Liz Cuming ‘ West McDonnells I’ 2009 acrylic on canvas


 The pre-selection panel:

Anthony Gribble: Exhibitions Officer, Araluen Galleries
Anita Angel: Historian and Curator of the Charles Darwin University Art Collection.
David Hurlston: Curator of Australian Art, National Gallery of Victoria