Selected Artists 2014

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The 38th Alice Prize 2014 will be opened on Friday 9 May.

The winner will be announced by the judge, Dr. Michael Brand, Director of the Art Gallery of NSW.

The 66 Artists selected for exhibition are:

Gunjan Aylawadi

Alec Baker

Natalie Blom

Ross Booker

Faridah Cameron

Georgina Campbell

Magda Cebokli

Rowan Conroy

Jason Cordero

Lucas Davidson

Julia Davis

Chris De Rosa

Shoufay Derz

Kate Downhill

Stefan Dunlop

Merilyn Fairskye

Donna Fearne

Jacqueline Felstead

Alexandra Gillespie

Jessica Grace

Petrina Hicks

Naomi Howard


Ying Huang

Ruth Johnstone

Col Jordan

Wendy Kelly

Christopher Kerley

Martin King

Barbie Kjar

Bonnie Lane

Ruth le Cheminant

Genevieve Kemarr Loy

Margaret Loy Pula

Danielle Mackenzie

William Mackinnon

Pip Mc Manus

Vincent Namatjira

Yinarupa Nangala

Bai Bai Napangarti

Maria Josette Orsto

Napolean Oui

Tom Phillips

Rita Pitjara Beasley

Levina Pitjara Morton


Megan Puls

Cowboy Loy Pwerl

Hannah Quinlivan

Rammey Ramsey

Ralf Rehak

Dale Roberts

Catherine Rogers

Rita Rolley

Louise Saxton

Sylvia Schwenk

Sam Scoufos

Wendy Sharpe

Tim Sterling

Keith Stevens

Neridah Stockley

Marina Strocchi

Jennifer Taylor

Warlimpirrnga Tjapaltjarri

Johnny Yungut Tjupurrula

Dianna Wells

Jason Wing

Kath Withers

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Entry Forms 2014

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Entry Forms 2014

The new entry forms for the 2014 Alice Prize are here.

2014 – Entry Form

2014 – Entry Conditions

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2014 Judge and Selection Panel

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2014 Judge and Selection Panel


Dr Michael Brand, Director Art Gallery of NSW

Selection Panel

Nici Cumpston, Artist and Curator Art Gallery of SA

Therese Ritchie, Artist and Photographer, Darwin NT

Kelly Gellatly, Director of the Ian Potter Museum of Art, Victoria

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